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World Vision's Commitment to School Meals

World Vision International

As a child-focused organization committed to improving child well-being for the most vulnerable children, WV worked with communities to provide healthy school meals to over 1 million vulnerable children in seven of the most fragile contexts in 2020 alone. World Vision has signed a Declaration of Support for the Global School Meals Coalition which commits us to:

  • Support national, regional, and international efforts to strengthen the most vulnerable children’s access to high-quality integrated school meals programmes, with a focus on countries most vulnerable to poverty and climate change.
  • Collaborate with partners coalition members and other partners to improve the quality and efficiency of existing school meals programmes, with a focus on fragile settings.
  • Support the establishment and work of the coalition’s initiatives including advocacy and outreach and initiatives around best practices and accountability


Civil society

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Sheri Arnott, World Vision International
[email protected]





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