Commitments to action

World Vision's Commitment to Nutrition

World Vision International

  • Mobilize US$ 1.2 Billion between 2021-2025 for nutrition interventions ($500 million private funding, $ 700 million grant-funding).
  • Treat 600,000 wasted children through community management of acute malnutrition
  • Reach 200,000 under-weight children with programmes that equip caregivers to improve diet diversity and prepare locally sourced nutritious food.
  • Support supplementary feeding for 250,000 pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.
  • Leverage 184,000 World Vision-supported community health workers to reach the most vulnerable households (approximately 9 million households in 40 countries) with nutrition counseling, including infant and young child feeding counseling.
  • Scale-up and promote the newly launched “Gender-Transformative Framework for Nutrition” for expanded use by nutrition practitioners
  • Advocate, in collaboration with key partners and platforms for key nutrition-related outcomes at the Food Systems Summit to be integrated into the Nutrition for Growth Summit


Civil society

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Sheri Arnott, World Vision International
[email protected]





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Expansion of 1,000 days health counseling and services for mothers and children under 5 years of age, with a focus on promoting exclusive breastfeeding and improving infant and young child feeding and mother’s dietary diversity; Ensure access to clean drinking water, sanitation and good hygiene practices; create food environments where schools administration can make healthy food choices through regulation of food marketing; Implementation of National Dietary and School feeding Guidelines.

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Inclusive Seed Systems

Plant genetic resources are the basis for resilience and sustainability of our seed systems; while a vibrant and inclusive seed sector contributes to innovation, improved livelihoods, and economic development. The seed value chains, comprising of public and private actors, farmers, and CSOs, need to work together towards solutions to ensure accessibility and availability of quality seeds to contribute to the achievements of the SDGs.

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Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

The first and most comprehensive initiative which covers all sectors and all food products and also handle food banking practices for reducing food loss and waste by the Republic of Turkey is the Save Your Food Campaign. In May 2020, Turkey launched Save Your Food Campaign in cooperation with FAO.

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