Sierra Agri Foods

Sierra Leone

Sierra Agri Foods is an agricultural food processing business established in 2019. The company’s main objective addresses the problem of malnutrition facing Sierra Leoneans by utilizing an innovative and fully-integrated structure to grow, process, package, distribute and sell hygienic high-quality nutritious food products. We sell high quality and healthy bread made from locally-grown orange fleshed sweet potato at affordable prices. Our aim is to help solve some of the social and economic challenges facing the people of Sierra Leone by creating jobs for our growing number of youth, uplifting the economic well-being of farmers by outsourcing our raw produce from them, and addressing the challenges of malnutrition, particularly vitamin A deficiency through the production of sweet potato bread and baby food.

A Small Business Agenda

All around the globe, thousands of food small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their expert supporters were asked, “How to boost the role of SMEs in providing good food for all?” This report shares their compelling response. Executive Summary: Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish