Our goal is to scale across the EU and make the food industry more economically and environmentally sustainable:

  • Economy: Fresh.Land improves the financial situation of farmers. Selling with no middlemen, they capture a larger share of the value (20-50% more). This is crucial at a time when EU family farm income has decreased by 23% from 2001 to 2015.
  • Environment: According to WWF, “Fresh.Land can save 88% of greenhouse gas emissions from storage and reduce food waste by 10%, saving 12.7 million tons of CO2 annually by 2026”. We also eliminate need of preservation chemicals, as we reduce time-to-store from months to days.

Successfully developing and scaling Fresh.Land will strengthen EU’s position at the forefront of two strategic industries — agribusiness and cleantech.

A Small Business Agenda

All around the globe, thousands of food small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their expert supporters were asked, “How to boost the role of SMEs in providing good food for all?” This report shares their compelling response. Executive Summary: Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish