Innovopro is the first in the world to launch chickpea protein 70% concentrate – CP-Pro 70. Our ingredient has unique qualities, functional and nutritional, providing the food industry with an innovative plant-based protein adding value to consumers by offering better and healthier life. CP-Pro 70 provided an alternative solution to animal protein as well as to the challenges with soy and pea, enabling the world population access of more nutritious, healthier clean label products with great taste and texture.

Our ingredient is recognized by consumers as a non-allergenic, taste-neutral superfood, rich in unsaturated fatty acids and containing significant amounts of essential amino acids. The effectiveness and environmentally friendly characteristics are the most influential factors accounting for the increase in demand for plant-based proteins across the globe. Utilizing a green process with zero waste combined with its unique properties, makes our protein a perfect solution.

A Small Business Agenda

All around the globe, thousands of food small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and their expert supporters were asked, “How to boost the role of SMEs in providing good food for all?” This report shares their compelling response. Executive Summary: Arabic | Chinese | English | French | Russian | Spanish