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Unite Food Program

Unite The World with Africa Foundation, UFP Enterprises

Unite The World With Africa Foundation in America is funding the build-out of the women’s owned social enterprise in Tanzania called The Unite Food Program (UFP). The mission is to empower small-scale farmers in Tanzania by purchasing their organic grains at fair-market prices and then processing the organic grains at the Unite Food Program headquarters to sell to the masses, again at fair-market prices.

At the headquarters, widow-women are hired to help sort and clean the grains; a second small milling machine provides local mamas a means to mill their small harvests into flour to feed their families; UFP staff provide lessons in nutrition and reading to customers while they wait for their grains to be milled; and a small Unite lending library provides books for those interested in reading.

Unite The World With Africa Foundation also provides interest-free loans to select young entrepreneurs in the agro-business sector, encouraging and empowering them to purchase and develop their own land and food-processing centers.



Action Area(s)

Nourish All People
Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production
Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities


United of Republic of Tanzania

Key contact

Anne Wells, Unite The World with Africa Foundation
[email protected]


Small-scale farmers
Women-owned enterprise
Organic food


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