Commitments to action

Transformation in Agroecosystem for Sustainable Future

Department of Botany, Narasingh Choudhury Autonomous College, Jajpur, Odisha, India, GCSAYN

The main objective is to identify key strategies to be improved in Agroecosystem so that agricultural production can be increased without compromising the soil health, farmers’ labor, and marketing of agri-products. Also, another objective is to identify ecosystem services that are not exploited yet so that instead of artificial, nature-based solutions can be applied to tackle various issues starting from climate change, production, storage, and effective marketing.



Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Department of Botany, Narasingh Choudhury Autonomous College, Jajpur, Odisha, India
[email protected]





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Coalition of Action on Sustainable Productivity Growth for Food Security and Resource Conservation

In the context of the coalition for food system transformation through agroecology the Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) has strengthened network amongst members’ organizations and non-members’ organizations in Cambodia aimed to promote agroecology to have better understanding, thus to enable farmers live the communities to get access to knowledge to improve agricultural production as well as to improve the living conditions of rural people to live with dignity, better livelihoods, avoid from threatening to lives instead they can contribute to reach the goal by 2030.

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Institutional commitment

JISNAS (Japan Intellectual Support Network in Agricultural Sciences) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) started holding monthly joint seminars from May 2021, mainly targeting students and researchers from universities and research institutions in Japan.

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21st Century Agriculture and Food Systems Renaissance

There has never been a greater need for an Agricultural Renaissance. The many voices of farmers, echoing across centuries of scarcity and abundance, challenge us to find new ways forward, paths that produce abundance for expanding populations while rejecting wasteful destruction of resources. We must seek these new ways to collaborate and innovate together.

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Mountain Partnership

The Mountain Partnership is the only United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to promoting the world’s mountains and mountain peoples.

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