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Training livestock producers regarding Holistic Management

PlanetEnergy, CFS Private Sector Mechanism

In order to quickly shift the global food system towards regenerative practices, we need to ensure the entire supply chain is producing and consuming in ways that are in line with nature’s processes rather than against them. Having recently achieved Professional Educator status from the Savory Institute, the global headquarters for Holistic Management, in addition to practicing holistic management on my own farm in northern Spain and providing regeneratively-produced food to the local community, I will be providing courses on Holistic Management to producers across Spain and in my region of the wider Basque Country. The first three-day, in-person course will be given just two weeks after the FSS while additional courses ranging from just a few hours to several days are being developed over the next six months with more to come in the future. As a founding member of Habelarte, the association for the Navarra mountain region’s agroecological producers, we are using our role in the local food system to help further the transition towards regenerative practices while communicating with consumers about the need to more actively choose the food they buy based on how it is produced.


Private sector Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Meghan Sapp, PlanetEnergy
[email protected]


Regenerative agriculture
Holistic Management


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EcoAgriculture Partners

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