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The Particular Reality of Food Systems in Vulnerable Ecosystems

Fundación Agreste

We would like to request attention to the particular and difficult reality of food systems in vulnerable ecosystems such as mountains and dry lands. Both fragile ecosystems play a central role in sustainable productivity and food security at local (food provision, rural development through food sector SME, tourism and ecosystem services such as water) and global level (as natural sensors of landscapes degradation and climate change). The role of mountains and dry lands in supporting the world’s food systems by providing important ecosystem services needs a key commitment around the world. Actionable commitments should be taken to protect vulnerable ecosystems, promote their adaptation to climate change, and recognize their role in ensuring food security. Mountain peoples protect the world’s water sources and the rich biodiversity hosted in mountains. Promoting more resilient and sustainable food systems in mountains is a prerequisite to lift mountain communities out of high rates of food insecurity and malnutrition, which are on the rise and expected to increase with the COVID-19 pandemic. Sustainable land use practices, agroecological principles, traditional and indigenous agricultural knowledge and practices are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems, but mountains and drylands needs especial attention. The investment and promotion of specialty mountain and drylands products, as well as certification schemes, can advance equitable livelihoods.”


Civil society

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Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



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Marisa Young, Fundación Agreste, [email protected]


Tierras secas
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