Nutrition Innovation Singapore Pte Ltd


We are a highly awarded innovation company, founded by scientists, that is transforming global health by creating sustainable breakthroughs in food technology. These are designed to tackle the urgent challenges of diabetes, obesity and other health problems that impact individuals, families and society, everywhere. What do we do? We have unique, patentable, science-backed innovations and technology that creates:

  • Nucane Raw: a scalable, less processed healthier sugar low glycemic sugar.
  • Nucane Life: a revolutionary sugar powder designed to reduce sugar by up to 70% in a food.
  • NXP: a super-concentrated polyphenol powder that helps fight diabetes and metabolises protein faster.

Who do we work with?

We strategically partner with leading food, ingredient and cane companies companies to licence our IP so they can produce and then market to their consumer and customer base, this includes: Global sugar producers to make Nucane at scale in their facilities.

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