Commitments to action

Resilient Agri-Food Systems Transformation

AfricaRice, One-CGIAR

Build more resilient, climate-smart, nutritious, gender equitable and viable agri-food production system. As a One CGIAR alliance the Initiative will:

i. Promote and facilitate adoption and innovative scaling of improved and climate-smart farming practices to increase sustained production of nutritious food crops and animal products;

ii. Increase skills of value chain actors in access to farm input markets, sustainable production, post-harvest handling, and consumption practices;

iii. Support balanced food baskets by promoting increased diversity of household production systems;

iv. Harness community action to implement large-scale climate-smart practices and reduce vulnerability to climate change;

v. Improve youth engagement in agribusinesses and women and youth empowerment in developing local value chains.

vi. Develop sustainable, productive, diversified and resilient food production landscapes with minimal impact on water, land and nature;


Member state(s), Civil society, Producer organizations, Private sector, Youth, Academic, Other

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People


Eastern Africa, Middle Africa, Northern Africa, Southern Africa, Western Africa

Key contact

Jan Helsen, AfricaRice
[email protected]


Sustainable production, Youth and women agri-business, Effective local value chains



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