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Putting Smallholder Farmers at the Center of Achieving a Zero-hunger World

One Acre Fund

The vast majority of the world’s hungry are smallholder farmers. We cannot achieve a zero hunger world by 2030 without them at the center. Yet the world has collectively failed to establish the necessary market systems to effectively serve rural communities; to democratize access to the financing, distribution networks, technology, and information that could unlock the potential for smallholders to grow their own way to food security and prosperity.

The UN Food Systems Summit provides a unique opportunity for the international community to finally live up to its moral commitment to hundreds of millions of smallholders. One Acre Fund has appreciated participating in Action Track 1 of the Summit process and working collaboratively with a diverse set of stakeholders to achieve this goal. We pledge to:

  • Further scale One Acre Fund’s services to smallholders, including input financing, distribution to within walking distance of client households, regular training, and market facilitation.
    • We will reach 10 million smallholder farmers by 2030; 4 million directly and 6 million through partnerships.
  • Support the Zero Hunger Coalition: there is no single more important goal than achieving SDG2; eliminating hunger is foundational for human progress. It is imperative that this new coalition is empowered to get the world back on track toward that goal, and we stand ready to support it in whatever way we can.
  • Support the Coalition of Action for Soil Health: smallholders are the stewards of much of the world’s arable land, and we cannot meet our collective environmental or food security goals without empowering smallholders to invest in their soil. In the set of priorities, we need to focus on sustainably achieve food security, the soil is deserving of special attention.

We look forward to working together with all the other Summit stakeholders towards these goals. We have lots of work to do!


Civil society
Private sector

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People


Eastern Africa
Southern Africa
Western Africa

Key contact

Colin Christensen, One Acre Fund
[email protected]


Smallholder farmers
Zero hunger
Democratize access



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