Segurança alimentar.🥙🥘🍗🥗🌭

  • Segurança alimentar.🥙🥘🍗🥗🌭

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  • Mbah

    Julho 11, 2021 em 8:26 am

    Alcançar a segurança alimentar significa aumentar a disponibilidade de alimentos nutritivos e garantir que todas as pessoas, em todos os momentos, tenham acesso a quantidades suficientes de alimentos seguros e baratos.

    Most Africans countries suffer malnutrition because they lack nutritious food and even if they are opportune to have food they can’t preserve it. So I will love us to think of possible ways of food preservation without necessarily using chemicals wich might cause harm subsequently when eaten. Like natural methods of food preservation .


    Julho 13, 2021 em 10:35 am

    My dear friend I agree with you, but in addition to what you’ve said above, I think that we should improvise means of communication and educative talks on how to preserve the quality food when at their disposal. An organization or a group of individuals can be sent to rural areas since statistics have proven that people especially infants in those areas are the majority facing malnutrition due to lack of knowledge in food preservation. So I suggest that people can be sent there who will educate the masses on the importance of food when quality food is at their disposal

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