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Promoting Legitimate Livelihood Options For Ex-bunkerers In Swamp Rice Farming And Processing, Aquaculture And Fish Processing

Ascotid Ex-bunkerers, Former Sea Pirates And Repentant Cultists Association (ASCOTID), International Family Foundation (IFF), Stakeholder Democracy Network (SDN)

Artisanal crude oil refining (aka illegal bunkering) has been a source of illegitimate livelihood option for rural dwellers in the oil-rich Niger Delta region of Nigeria due to a dreadful lack of alternatives in terms of legitimate opportunities for survival of citizens from host communities of international oil companies and oil and gas installations/pipelines right of way in the region. This neglect has led rural dwellers to improvise means of getting to tap crude oil from the IOCs installed supply pipelines running through their communities, taking their natural resources (oil and gas) to other regions of the country and further exportation overseas for national incomes, leaving the host communities completely neglected, impoverished and devastated with health, environmental and aquatic pollution. These injustices created great pain and unbearable losses for communities playing host to oil installations and facilities in the ‘Delta region, therefore giving birth to armed violent restiveness amongst all categories of community stakeholders. Resulting from this misnomer, ASCOTID EX-BUNKERERS ASSOCIATION decided to advocate for legitimate livelihood options as alternatives for impacted communities by amplifying Community voices, to prove to the world that ‘our communities are not criminals but lack legitimate means of livelihoods hence, the rise in artisanal refining, sea piracy, and cultism’, further breeding a dare-deviltry state of insecurity in the oil-rich region of Nigeria. Our efforts so far have generated success stories in Food Production and Processing (SWAMP RICE FARMING, AQUACULTURE, AND FISH PROCESSING), with support from an international NGO: STAKEHOLDER DEMOCRACY NETWORK (SDN) and with donor funding from UKAID in 2017-2019. With the emergence of COVID-19 PANDEMIC, these activities were hugely disrupted (abruptly), and there became a larger return to the illicit trade (illegal bunkering) value chain in sought after a means of survival (in the interim). We appeal for support to help sustain the gains of our efforts so far. Our success stories a falling apart; beneficiaries of our legitimate livelihoods initiative are returning to illicit activities for survival because there has been no further support coming from the government or other stakeholders since after the emergence of COVID-19 Pandemic (see proposal document attached). Funding in this direction would help strengthen our advocacy build on the existing gains of this initiative by promoting food production, nutrition, advance equitable livelihoods, decent work, and build resilience to vulnerabilities by empowering our rural communities with nature-based solutions (other than crude oil theft/artisanal oil refining).


Civil society

Action Area(s)

Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities



Key contact

Chairman BoT, Ascotid Ex-bunkerers, Former Sea Pirates And Repentant Cultists Association (ASCOTID)
[email protected]




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