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MEAT ONCE A WEEK, DUH German Environmental Action Germany

MEAT ONCE A WEEK is an open invitation to make simple changes in our daily eating behaviour.

Our Meat Production is one of the worst climate killers. Half of the Planets habitable Zone is already used for agriculture — 77% percent of that are pastures ! The area used for plant Food products amounts to only 20 % – but covers 82% of the worldwide supply of calories & 64 % of proteins.

Deforestation & destruction of wildlife Habitats are direct consequences & lead to catastrophic damages to our ecosystem. Lesser CO2 absorption from vegetation, higher degrees of evaporation & the endangerment of over 24,000 species, so…Imagine how much Food we could Produce on that Land for humans? On top of that, our meat Production requires enormous amounts of water and animal feed per kilogram (7kg green fodder & 5000 l water for 1 kg pork/ )

We can achieve so much with just a little change in our eating habits! Let’s do it together-please join us. We are in September with MEAT ONCE A WEEK in our Federal Environment Ministry!


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