Commitments to action

Mastercard & Rabobank Partnership for digital agri value chains

Rabobank, Mastercard

As part of the Ag Fin Working Group led by Queen of the Netherlands Maxima, Mastercard and Rabobank developed a data-driven and digital ecosystem. In this fruitful collaboration Rabobank builds upon the existing technology of Mastercard, adding credit scoring and lending capabilities to a platform, in order to enable all players in the Food & Agri value chain to connect & transact through an interoperable, data-driven and digital ecosystem. This caters for a more transparent, more honest and future-proof world for the smallholder farmer and all other players in the value chain. Currently we are in an almost final stage of piloting the platform in Kenya, where the goal is to develop partnerships between buyers and banks to share risk and responsibility and use technology to reduce risk and enable scale across multiple geographies and multiple crops. A key part of the concept is to create a data-sharing capability that allows both bank/lender and trader/buyer to use each other’s knowledge of the farmer and the cooperative to reduce default risk while providing affordable finance.


Producer organizations, Private sector

Action Area(s)

Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities


Middle Africa, Southern Africa

Key contact

David Gerbrands, Rabobank, Mastercard
[email protected]


Smallholder Farmers, Ag & Fin Tech, Digital Ecosystem



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El PROSAM es una Estrategia de Intervención ante el desconfinamiento por la pandemia causada por el COVID-19, en la que se establecen recomendaciones para los Núcleos Familiares, con el objeto de preservar la salud pública y ambiental, y mejorar e innovar sistemas de subsistencia y de producción de alimentos saludables y nutritivos para autoconsumo, al tiempo que se suprimen gradualmente las medidas de contención, para reanudar la vida comunitaria y volver a poner en marcha la economía.

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CreditConnect aims to increase access to finance for small farmer in emerging economies by creating a digital solution to solve two problems: 1) reducing the risk of lending to small farmers through credit scoring and lending analytics, powered by alternative data and climate and gender focus, 2) finding successful entrepreneurs (farming, processing, SME, female) to provide capital investments to through local infrastructure.

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Promotion of Community-led Food Systems

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Building Food Resilience and Sustainable Agricultural Skills in the Grassroot Level

This initiative aims at grassroots women and youth’s (girls) development for economic growth. The project will ensure that about 10 communities in each geopolitical zones of any country we are opportune to be working with are trained in skills that will help them to understand how to farm and prepare safe food for consumption and for commercial purposes at a low cost.

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Unite Food Program

Unite The World With Africa Foundation in America is funding the build-out of the women’s owned social enterprise in Tanzania called The Unite Food Program (UFP). The mission is to empower small-scale farmers in Tanzania by purchasing their organic grains at fair-market prices and then processing the organic grains at the Unite Food Program headquarters to sell to the masses, again at fair-market prices

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