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Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative GECCI Nigerian


Global Environmental and Climate Conservation Initiative(Global ECCI) is an independent Global campaign organization that aims to be a global leader in environment and climate conservation with a view to ensuring a healthy environment and ecosystem balance for Sustainable development.

It’s activities and presence spanned over 90 countries around the world with over 22,000 teams campaigning for sustainable agriculture, biodiversity protection, and encouraging socially responsible farming.

The Global ECCI is already in partnership with more than 100 Governmental and None Governmental organization across the globe including the international Human Rights Commission and the Federal Ministry if Environment Nigeria.



Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Good Nutrition for all
[email protected]


Environmental and climate conservation
Healthy Environment
Food for all
Natural conservation



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Huertos Agroecológicos

Promover la creación de huertos orgánicos individuales, familiares, comunitarios y empresariales, para fortalecer la Soberanía alimentaria e ir construyendo en un mediano plazo sistemas agroecológicos de producción de alimentos locales, que respeten la cultura y que promuevan un estilo de vida más saludable.

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Healthy Diets

Despite of an impressive food self-sufficiency Ratio (>120%), the country still faces a triple-burden of malnutrition; under nutrition-overnutrition-micronutrient deficiency, hidden hunger coupled with diet-related Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs).

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Achieving Food Equity through Vegetables, legumes and fruits.​

Partnership for a Healthier America, in partnership with with 30 community-based nonprofits dedicated to ending hunger, eight companies and six foundations, will forge additional partnerships to provide a total of 50 million additional servings of vegetables, legumes and fruits between 2020 and 2025. Partners include food banks, public housing, YMCAs, early childhood education centers, city governments, and community health providers.

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