Commitments to action

FoodBytes! by Rabobank


The FoodBytes! innovation platform is an engine for ongoing collaboration between large food and agriculture companies, startups and
investors working towards a more sustainable food system that will increase the availability of nutritious food, make food more affordable and reduce inequities in access to food.


Private sector, Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Katie Myers, Rabobank
[email protected]


Innovation, Nutritious food, Pitch Platform



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Rabo Food Forward

The world faces a huge challenge: produce enough healthy food in 2050 to feed 10 billion mouths while respecting the environment, nature and the planet.

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Reduction of Food Loss and Waste

The first and most comprehensive initiative which covers all sectors and all food products and also handle food banking practices for reducing food loss and waste by the Republic of Turkey is the Save Your Food Campaign. In May 2020, Turkey launched Save Your Food Campaign in cooperation with FAO.

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World Vision’s Commitment to School Meals

As a child-focused organization committed to improving child well-being for the most vulnerable children, WV worked with communities to provide healthy school meals to over 1 million vulnerable children in seven of the most fragile contexts in 2020 alone.

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Enhancing Mountain Livelihood and Resilience

To create demand for mountain products and services and to provide excellent customer service to clients. OWF (Organic World and Fair Future) will strive to be consistently innovated with mountain product development and to work to achieve its goal of providing the highest quality of organic food products and services to customers.

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Food Oasis Initiative

The national media in the U.S. discusses food deserts but doesn’t discuss food oases. An oasis is a flourishing area in a desert. My initiatives are intended to establish food oases to mitigate the negative health impacts of food deserts.

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