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Food Action Alliance

Food Action Alliance, Rabobank, World Economic Forum

The Food Action Alliance (FAA) is a multi-stakeholder coalition of organisations and initiatives, who through collective action seek to produce food in a way that is efficient, inclusive and accessible to all – in support of a transition to healthier diets and improved environmental outcomes. 
Its vision is of sustainable food systems that deliver better, faster, and at scale on food security and nutrition, inclusive growth and decent jobs, environmental sustainability, and climate resilience, in line with the SDGs.

The Food Action Alliance was catalysed by the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Rabobank and World Economic Forum, and today engages over 40 partners reaching vast regional networks, including WBCSD, AGRA, the Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT, African Development Bank, Confederation of Indian Industry, Grow Asia and others. The FAA brings together a network of partners in order to mobilize partnerships and investments to accelerate partner-led initiatives (flagships) that demonstrate systemic and innovative solutions.

The FAA stands ready to support national and regional pathways for food systems transformation globally. It offers an established, long-term platform for multi-stakeholder collaboration towards achieving the SDGs. It will continue to offer cross-sector coordination and collaboration among a wide group of stakeholders, share learnings and the most promising and innovative models for collaboration in support of country-led agendas.

The FAA is committed to delivering on all fronts of the food systems, stepping outside of silos to support partners delivering a vision of food systems that advance all action tracks.


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Elisabeth Losasso, Food Action Alliance
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systemic transformation, country pathways, multi-stakeholder partnerships


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