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Fighting Food Crises Along the Humanitarian, Development and Peace Nexus Coalition


The predicament of forced displacement is a common concern of humankind. Displacement situations have increased in scope, scale and complexity and refugees require protection, assistance and solutions. Millions of refugees live in protracted situations, often in low- and middle-income countries facing their own economic and development challenges, and the average length of stay has continued to grow. Despite the tremendous generosity of host countries and donors, including unprecedented levels of humanitarian funding, the gap between needs and humanitarian funding has also widened. There is an urgent need for more equitable sharing of the burden and responsibility for hosting and supporting the world’s refugees, while taking account of existing contributions and the differing capacities and resources among States. Refugees and host communities should not be left behind in the discussions following the FSS being often the most vulnerable in societies with limited access to food security for them to thrive (reference: Global Compact on Refugees). UNHCR remains committed to work with partners through a whole of society approach to support governments to transform food systems, in line with the SDGs, Global Compact on Refugees, and other global and regional strategies to support self-reliance and inclusion of refugees and other forcibly displaced populations. The objective we are working towards is to improve food security, nutrition and self-reliance of forcibly displaced populations through working towards common objectives, harnessing the collective resources of Nexus organizations and partners.



Action Area(s)

Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks, and Stresses



Key contact

Valerie Gatchell, UNHCR
[email protected]


Forcibly displaced


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