Commitments to action

Database Sustainability Linked-Loans

Rabobank, World Benchmarking Alliance

Further encouraging the mainstreaming of incorporating a sustainability feature (in the form of sustainability KPIs) in all loans given out to corporates in the F&A sector. These KPIs need to measure the performance of companies on the most urgent sustainability issues in F&A: carbon emissions, food waste, water usage, female empowerment, sustainable agricultural production methods, etc. The measurement framework is under development with the World Benchmarking Alliance and SLL’s are becoming internationally recognized as an asset.


Civil society, Academic, Private sector

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Oyumaa de Jong, Rabobank
[email protected]


Sustainable Finance, KPI’s, Dashboard



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A Coalition for the Transformation of Food Systems Through Agroecology

Agroecology, including regenerative agriculture that respects the 13 principles of agroecology defined by the High Level Panel of Experts (HLPE), can be a powerful lever for solving these major challenges and providing sustainable solutions to the issues of food security and nutrition, the fight against poverty and social inequalities, the adaptation to climate change, the preservation of biodiversity and natural resources, and the fight against zoonotic diseases.

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The AGRI3 Fund

The AGRI3 fund is the result of a partnership between UN Environment Programme, The Dutch Development Bank (FMO), IDH: The Sustainable Trade Initiative and the Rabobank Group.

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Mountain Partnership

The Mountain Partnership is the only United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to promoting the world’s mountains and mountain peoples.

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Biodiversity Monitor

We would like to stress that a supply-chain-based approach is essential. This is why Dutch dairy farmers have partnered with Royal FrieslandCampina, the World Wide Fund for Nature and Rabobank. In order to improve overall engagement levels, the Duurzame Zuivelketen (Sustainable Dairy Supply Chain) and the Versnellingsagenda Melkveehouderij (Dairy Farming Acceleration Project) are also affiliated with this initiative.

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Alimentos Tradicionales Indígenas del Pueblo Mocovi

Recuperar, desarrollar, promover, difundir y movilizar la recuperación de los alimentos tradicionales indígenas del Pueblo Mocovi y otros pueblos forestales del Chaco Americano y el Pastizal Pampeano, basados en el Conocimiento Tradicional Indígena y las Tecnologías Ancestrales del uso de los recursos naturales y la biodiversidad.

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