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Dairy Sustainability Framework

Global Dairy Platform, DSF partners with 100 organizations across the public and private sectors, NGO’s, and dairy industry associations

The Dairy Sustainability Framework is a continuous-improvement framework for the global dairy sector to responsibly align, connect and progress its sustainability efforts in a pre-competitive and collaborative way. The DSF annually reports the global dairy sector’s progress against 11 Sustainability Criteria, celebrating improvements and drawing attention to areas where greater attention is necessary. Members who are implementing and quantifying their proactive sustainability efforts are encouraged to share their solutions and experiences with other stakeholders facing similar challenges.

DSF partners with 100 organizations across the public and private sectors, NGO’s, and dairy industry associations. The DSF is a reporting framework that takes a holistic approach to solving sustainability challenges, while specifically contributing to SDG Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production. It tracks the sustainability progress of nearly 50% of the global formal milk market. Sharing information and progress reporting inspires the dairy value chain to invest more energy and effort in addressing sustainability challenges in a globally diverse sector.

DSF covers approximately 30% of total global dairy production, which equates to ~50% of the formal milk market. It quantifies the dairy sector’s sustainability progress at scale under 11 different criteria. The DSF encourages members to approach their mitigation/adaptation/improvement programs through a wide lens allowing the interrelationships between environmental, economic, and social sustainability to all benefit. A pre-competitive framework with a range of platforms to encourage members to connect and share solutions increases the speed at which the sector can support improvement.

Private sector

Action Area(s)
Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production


Key contact
Brian Lindsay, Global Dairy Platform
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We join the Agro-ecology coalition. Taking in mind that we will look carefully further in process what the development of the coalition will be and if this will be in line with Dutch priorities.

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The Particular Reality of Food Systems in Vulnerable Ecosystems

Both fragile ecosystems play a central role in sustainable productivity and food security at local (food provision, rural development through food sector SME, tourism and ecosystem services such as water) and global level (as natural sensors of landscapes degradation and climate change).

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A Global Action Agenda to Advance Nature-Positive Innovation

Taking forward the work of the solution cluster, a global coalition of allies will be developed to support nature-positive innovation linked to the Global Action Agenda for Innovation in Agriculture that will be launched at COP26, engaging numerous organisations and thousands of stakeholders.

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Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH)

The main objective of the Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH) is to improve soil health globally by addressing critical implementation, monitoring, policy, and public and private investment barriers that constrain farmers from adopting and scaling healthy soil practices.

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Building Sustainable Agriculture for the Farming Communities!

In the context of the coalition for food system transformation through agroecology the Cambodian Farmer Federation Association of Agricultural Producers (CFAP) has strengthened network amongst members’ organizations and non-members’ organizations in Cambodia aimed to promote agroecology to have better understanding, thus to enable farmers live the communities to get access to knowledge to improve agricultural production as well as to improve the living conditions of rural people to live with dignity, better livelihoods, avoid from threatening to lives instead they can contribute to reach the goal by 2030.

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Mountain Partnership

The Mountain Partnership is the only United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to promoting the world’s mountains and mountain peoples.

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