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CreditConnect aims to increase access to finance for small farmer in emerging economies by creating a digital solution to solve two problems: 1) reducing the risk of lending to small farmers through credit scoring and lending analytics, powered by alternative data and climate and gender focus, 2) finding successful entrepreneurs (farming, processing, SME, female) to provide capital investments to through local infrastructure. We facilitate the latter by providing funding support, enhanced by technical assistance, through innovative and digital means. Through credit scoring based on alternative data, risk analytics, credit origination, funding support and technical assistance we believe that together we can accelerate beyond the current pace.


Private sector, Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities


Key contact


Enaam Ahmed, Tom Gruintjes, Rabobank
[email protected]


Access to Finance, Credit Scoring, Funding



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