Welcome to the youth online consultation on food system transformation

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    This online consultation, jointly developed by youth constituencies involved in the United Nations Food Systems Summit (UNFSS) and the World Food Forum -powered by global youth (WFF), is another step towards full inclusion of youth and youth movements, constituencies and groups as agents of change of our food systems.

    The youth consultation starts today and will continue till 11<sup>th</sup> July 2021. It will be hosted on this platform and on SparkBlue (link will be shared shortly). Please feel free to engage on either of these platforms.

    Call to Action:

    Understand the thematic areas or Action Tracks in the Summit process. Each Action Track has a set of game changing propositions or solutions as articulated here. These solutions or propositions will be grouped together into ‘Solution Clusters’. Stakeholders will be coming together around these Solution Clusters to form ‘Coalitions’ which will eventually be responsible for taking forward solutions that are transformative and systemic after the Summit process.

    What you can do?

    Review the table on Action Tracks and Select Propositions here and respond to one or more questions below:


    1) What is the issue of primary importance to you and your communities (Look at the Action Tracks and Action Areas to respond)?

    2) Looking at the initial propositions to address the issue, can you identify any gaps?

    3) Looking at the suggested propositions, identify three actions that youth organizations/individual youth can take to achieve them?

    4) How do you think Governments and other stakeholders can support youth in achieving the actions identified?

    5) Supposing there were ‘Action Coalitions’ formed around these action areas, which one would you be interested to join?

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