Commitments to action

Commitments From Japanese Stakeholders for the Transformation of Food Systems

Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries

Recognizing that cooperation and collaboration among various stakeholders are essential for promoting the transformation of food systems, Japan conducted as many as sixty-three national dialogues with stakeholders such as producers, private companies, subnational governments, organizations, and consumers.

Through these national dialogues, sixty-nine stakeholders agreed with the objectives of the UN Food Systems Summit and registered their commitments or made proposals toward transforming food systems.

We developed a list of these commitments (refer to the attached file.)

These commitments include diversified contents such as reducing GHGs, reducing food loss and waste, nutrition improvement, promoting education on food and nutrition, sustainable procurement, and local production for local consumption, which all relate to themes through AT1 to AT5.

Japan is working on realizing sustainable food systems and achieving SDGs with concerted efforts by various stakeholders.


Member state(s)

Action Area(s)




Key contact

Makoto Kitamura, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries [email protected]


Reduction of GHGs
Sustainable procurement
Local production for local consumption
Reduction of food loss and waste and promoting education on food and nutrition
Nutrition improvement


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