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Zero Hunger Coalition

Food and Agriculture Organization, See attachment for overview of member states and organisations that have expressed interest.

The coalition aims to achieve ending hunger, in a sustainable and nutritious way. While doing this, it will generate co-benefits: meeting the Paris climate emission targets and doubling the income of 545 million food producers.

The coalition will be a tone-setter for the Summit in a number of ways. It reflects priorities emerging from the Food Systems Summit Member State dialogues such as supporting smallholder agriculture and finding resilient ways to emerge from the crisis. Second, it reflects a growing political will to address hunger, recent the G20 Matera statement being a prime example. Third, the coalition will be systemic, linking investments from farm to fork. Fourth, the coalition will be multistakeholder, aligning governments, agencies, civil society, and businesses with the 10 high-impact CERES2030 investment areas. Last, it will address hunger wherever it is found in all countries of the world, with a strong focus on where it represents the largest burden.

The coalition will do three things:

  1. Advocate for hunger reduction, making a stronger and more tailored case for an increased focus on ending hunger that uses a systems approach.
  2. Better align existing public and private sector resources for hunger reduction around the 10 high-impact areas defined in the CERES2030 report and in high-burden countries.
  3. Add resource commitments towards the annual $33-40 billion target as outlined in CERES 2030. Achieved by: (a) working with stakeholders throughout the food, health, environment, and humanitarian systems to identify opportunities for climate, COVID, and conflict prevention/management and other resources at the national, regional, and global levels to serve “double duty” by also ending hunger and (b) converting those opportunities to win-win commitments at upcoming Summits and other pledging opportunities.

Hunger is evident in all countries but the coalition will focus on countries where the burden is highest. Actions from the private sector, funders, and others will align with the national priorities emerging from the member-state dialogues. Countries will work together with others to implement actions that have the most priority for them and are aligned with science in terms of what generates the highest impact.



Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Jamie Morrison, Food and Agriculture Organization


Zero Hunger, SDG2, Food Systems


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