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Sumitomo Corporation, Sumitomo Corporation Group

Sumitomo Corporation Group expresses support for the Food Systems Summit (FSS). We are committed to operating a range of food and agricultural businesses around the world for contributing to the development of sustainable food systems, especially all five Action Tracks of FSS.

  1. We have established the following key social issue targets.
    • Reduce CO2 emissions and promote a sustainable energy cycle to help mitigate climate change.
    • Shift to recycling-oriented, resource-saving technologies and products, and procure sustainable natural resources, to help create a circular economy.
    • Respect human rights and fully implement the UN’s Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and Sumitomo Corporation Group’s Human Rights Policy.
    • Contribute toward the development of local industries and creation of local jobs to help develop local societies and economies.
    • Provide advanced life-related services that contribute toward solutions for social issues to help improve living standards.
    • Implement social contribution activities to help promote quality education.
  2. Based on the key social issue targets above, we are implementing the following concrete initiatives for our food and agriculture businesses.
    • In food businesses, obtain environment-related certifications and engage in businesses based on regenerative agriculture. Also, utilize by-products from food and agriculture products and drive demand for alternative proteins in an effort to create environmentally friendly society and a circular economy.
    • In agricultural input businesses, develop and supply agricultural materials such as crop protection and fertilizers in order to contribute to more efficient and stable agricultural production and improved living standards for farmers. In addition, develop agricultural materials and services that are safe and have low environmental impacts and promote recycling-oriented, sustainable agriculture that takes conservation of the global environment into consideration.
    • In livestock healthcare businesses, improve the living standards of people through developing and supplying vaccines and other products that could ensure food safety and security in the livestock sector as well as enhance meat productivity.
    • In precision agricultural businesses, develop and spread new technologies leading to automation and digitalization of farming activities.
      This will help promote efficiency and stability of agricultural production, which contribute toward the progress of local societies and economies and the promotion of resource-saving agricultural practices.
  3. Progress of these initiatives will be disclosed on our websites.


Private sector

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Global Business, Sumitomo Corporation


Sustainable Agriculture and Food Businesses, Efficient and Stable Agricultural Production, Improvement of Living Standards of People


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