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Promotion of Community-led Food Systems

The Movement for Community-led Development, 74 INGOs and 1500+ CBOs see

Objective: To strengthen local civil society in low-income countries to effectively advocate for and implement community-led initiatives for prosperous, resilient, nutritious community-led food systems. Rationale: When Covid-19 disrupted transportation, it demonstrated the resilience of community-led food systems. Community-led food systems also can be more optimized to meet local cultural preferences, and provide improved nutrition through reclaiming indigenous wisdom. By reducing transportation and storage, local food systems can achieve a more environmentally-sound footprint and can apply agro-ecological practices suitable to each micro-environment. Most importantly, community-led food systems improve livelihoods of those living in extreme poverty – most of whom are themselves food farmers and most of whom are women.


Civil society

Action Area(s)

Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities



Key contact

John Coonrod, PhD, The Movement for Community-led Development


livelihoods, nutrition, community


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