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Nature Positive Food Production And Food Habits And Re-use Of Natural Waste

Conglomeration of Bengal's Hotel Owners

Nature is the best healer of nature. We all are nature’s creation. Nature has sufficient food and water for nature and nature’s creation. Misuse and bad use is the cause of the crisis. If it is possible to stop misuse and bad use certainly overcome the crisis. Nature and climate base traditional food production and food habits are the best process to live healthily. This process is cheapest, easy to cook, and testy. Cold area’s natural food is healthy for cold areas only not for all. Suppose Apple is the natural product of cold areas. So consumption of apples is healthy in cold areas only. If we will try to consume apples throughout the globe, the crisis of apple occurs. Fermented rice is good and healthy food in hot areas, if cold area’s people will try to consume it, there is every possibility to attack cough and cold. Tree of the cold area will not live and same growth in a hot area. Cold area fish will not live and grow in hot area water. So nature positive food production and food habits are the best processes to live healthily and help to good food for all. My commitment to ensuring nature positive food production and habituated nature positive food habits and I am willing to work other nature positive working institutions. Nature has its own recycling process to re-fertilize nature. Nature’s creations are animals and plants/ trees. Plants (including grass and leaf) are the food of animals. The rest of the plants and the dead bodies of animals are rotten and mixed with the earth for the re-growth of plants. This is nature’s recycling process. The report says that nearly 25% of food has been waste every year and a huge quantity of natural waste (vegetable and animal) of the civil society is now facing dumping problems including human waste. Easily food waste and civil society vegetable and animal waste will be re-use for the food of domestic pet animals like cow, goat, duck, hen, pig, etc to rear and food for fish cultivation. Then society will get a huge quantity of milk, meat, eggs, fish, methane gas, and vermin compost with liquid fertilizer at the cheapest price and help to reduce the waste dumping problem of the civil society. This is a pollution-free process and helps to the action against climate change. Its implementation will help to reach eradicate poverty and sufficient food for all.


Indigenous peoples

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Tarapada Bhowmik, Conglomeration of Bengal’s Hotel Owners


Nature is the best healer of nature
Boost nature positive food production
Re-use of natural waste



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