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Mission ADA (Digital Agriculture in Action)


“Mission ADA” (Digital Agriculture in Action) is an initiative led by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation in Agriculture (IICA) to promote the digital transformation of the America´s agriculture sector.

Agricultural digitalization can serve as a catalyst for the transformation of food systems. The incorporation of digital technologies can provide multiple benefits: increase production and resilience, reduce environmental impacts and negative externalities, enhance transparency, improve communication and integration of actors, better living and working conditions, access to food, and better consumption habits. All of these directly contribute to the actions areas raised by the Summit.

While there are many potential benefits, the application of digital technologies can also bring considerable threats. Most significant among them is the potential to exacerbate the existing inequalities within rural communities and the exclusion of those without access to digital technologies. Concrete actions must be taken to mitigate the risk factors such as enhancing access to technologies, capacity building, etc.
The digitalization of agriculture is inevitable and will likely begin to accelerate at a remarkable pace. Mission ADA aims to guide the agricultural digitalization process in a positive, dynamic and inclusive direction as part of the IICA commitment with the transformation of food systems in the member states of the Inter-American system.

The Mission will implement technical cooperation actions in collaboration with member states and strategic partners focused on “putting into action” the digital technologies for agriculture. Mission ADA will focus on four main actions: (1) identifying and supporting the implementation of successful digitalization experiences, (2) promoting development of locally contextualized digital solutions, (3) co-developing and offering capacity and skill building programs and (4) supporting the design of regional, national and local policies aimed to enable and promote the digital transformation of agriculture.

Promoting digital agriculture requires the involvement of and coordination between all stakeholders tied to the development and use of technologies. Accordingly, IICA, through Mission ADA, is committed to generating links and cooperation spaces for public and private actors and leading the coordination of actions directly aimed to putting into action the digital agriculture.

Mission ADA may contribute to several coalitions emerging from the Food Systems Summit. In particular, we envision that Mission ADA may make a special contribution to the Coalition of Action for Soil Health (CA4SH), offering specific actions and tools to support soil health.



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Federico Bert, IICA


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