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Good Food SME Hub


The Good Food SME Hub is the virtual home for small businesses that are making food more nourishing, sustainable, resilient and equitable.

On behalf of the UNFSS Secretariat, Wasafiri talked with thousands of food entrepreneurs from all over the world. The resulting report “A Small Business Agenda for the UN Food Systems Summit” highlighted that:

  1. Food SMEs are quiet revolutionaries, working tirelessly to transform food systems in every corner of the planet.
  2. Running a purpose-driven food SME is hard and we must create conditions in which they flourish.
  3. Food SMEs operate in isolation and would benefit from stronger connections with peers, support partners, policy makers and others.

The Good Food SME Hub is now online at Entrepreneurs and Ecosystem Support Organisations can use it to:

  • Explore or share resources that help pioneering food SMEs
  • Join or host events for SMEs forging a better food system.
  • Join or launch groups of SMEs working to improve specific parts of our food system – either by country or issue.
  • Explore your peers around the world, and direct message those where you have common interests.
  • Join or manage courses that help food SMEs thrive.

Wasafiri is a consultancy supporting food systems change. As a small business ourselves we found a global family in the entrepreneurs. Together, we believe SMEs are a powerful and positive force for change. This is why we are committing to launching the Good Food SME Hub. We are looking for partners to embrace the hub, including for hosting groups, events or courses for SMEs, and as sponsors.


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Ian Randall, Wasafiri


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