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Food Sustainability Initiative

International Confederation of Dietetics Associations (ICDA)

To help shift food consumption patterns to be more sustainable, we need to mobilise dietitians and nutritionists! These practitioners literally have a finger in every pie. They are embedded throughout food systems, from paddocks, fields, and waterways, to waste, advocating for healthier food systems. Dietitians and nutrition practitioners around the world work with individuals and families to influence dietary patterns, with institutions to shape menus and procurement decisions, with industry to shape production, processing, and marketing decisions, with farmers for nutrition-sensitive agriculture, with communities to support healthy eating environments and food security, and with governments, agencies and populations to create healthy food policy.

As such, they are very well positioned to leverage change toward sustainable food system both broadly and deeply. The challenge we aim to address is that dietitians and nutritionists are not well trained and resourced to address human health in the context of ecological and social systems, on which our human health depends. However, research supports the fact that there is substantial interest among professionals to learn more about ecological and social sustainability issues, and a growing sense that it is within the scope of practice to address them, but that dietitians face significant barriers. Central barriers include knowledge and practice skills. Through the International Confederation of Dietetics Associations (ICDA) Food Sustainability Initiative, they will be better equipped to ensure human, animal, and environmental health are equally valued and supported in decision making. We aim to precipitate systemic change. Our vision is that Dietitians-Nutritionists bring a deep understanding of sustainable food systems into their practice, are supported in making positive contributions to sustainability. Dietitians-Nutritionists play key roles in creating healthy communities and accelerating a shift towards sustainable food systems. Our Objectives are to: To provide accessible, relevant, and transferable information on the interconnections of sustainable food systems and human health; to provide practical, evidence-based tools for incorporating sustainability into dietetic practice in a diversity of roles and cultural contexts; to facilitate peer-learning and collaboration to deepen understanding and support incorporation of sustainability into dietetic practice.


Civil society

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Nourish All People



Key contact

Liesel Carlsson, International Confederation of Dietetics Associations (ICDA)


Sustainable Food Systems



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