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Faciliation of food system transformation on a corporate level

Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTAP)

Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA) unites all types of businesses and focuses on ensuring the transformation of the entire Ukrainian economy, including its food system. In partnership with all agrarian associations of Ukraine, the UBTA has developed a Roadmap of Food Systems Transformation in Ukraine. The government of Ukraine provides full support and takes an active part in the implementation of the Roadmap.

The ten key expected outcomes of the Roadmap are as follows:

  1. Ukraine is considered one of the key contributors to global food security.
  2. Healthy and diversified diets are available and affordable for all in Ukraine.
  3. The share of MSMEs in Ukrainian food systems is increased.
  4. The legal framework is in line with the EU Green Deal policy while considering Ukrainian specifics.
  5. Natural resources are managed in a sustainable manner.
  6. The energy efficiency of food systems is increased.
  7. Greenhouse gas emissions are being reduced.
  8. Agriculture is being adapted to climate change.
  9. Compliance with Environmental-Social Governance principles becomes a mandatory criterion for any financial support.
  10. Science and education become the drivers of innovation and digital transformation.

Considering that big vertically integrated companies are de facto food systems, they will play a trendsetter role in the food systems transformation. In contrast to big companies, which are driven – among others – by the ESG indicators, SMEs are interested in the development of value chains. Thus, the big agricultural producers will support the SMEs in the introduction of e.g. more environmentally friendly practices, digitalization, and inclusive value chains – by providing support of professional experts (e.g. agronomists, vets), high-quality seeds, and pesticides. Such an approach supports building resilience to vulnerabilities, shocks, and stresses posed by the markets, societal changes, and climate change.


Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks, and Stresses



Key contact

Ms Olena Kudliak, Ukrainian Business and Trade Association (UBTA)


Partnership, Development, Resilience


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