Commitments to action

Enhancing Mountain Livelihood and Resilience

Organic World and Fair Future (OWF), Chairman

Main objective: To create demand for mountain products and services and to provide excellent customer service to clients. OWF (Organic World and Fair Future) will strive to be consistently innovated with mountain product development and to work to achieve its goal of providing the highest quality of organic food products and services to customers

Organic World and Fair Future (OWF) is a for-profit company with an eco-social mission. Engaged in inclusive pro-poor value chain development, OWF serves local, national and international markets with organic Nepali agricultural products. The company is highly committed to the mission “To provide customers high-quality organic products, to contribute to social, environmental and economic sustainability. OWF acts as a crucial link creating business ecosystem between small-scale organic farmers and their groups from mountain regions, and the consumer markets. The company adds value to raw products through processing, packaging and marketing to create high-quality products ready for consumer purchasing. The company is a member of Mountain Partnership FAO United Nations, Nepal Permaculture Group and Fair Trade Group Nepal.

Our Actions in the days ahead:

COVID-19 has seriously impacted the seasonal and temporary youth migration for employment. The initiative will recognize the youths (including returnee migrants) as valued stakeholders, and will involve them in production activities to support them in putting their ideas, knowledge and skills into growing and utilizing local productive resources with entrepreneurial initiatives at individual, societal and systems levels change. This will help them expand their economic opportunities by adopting the traditional crops in their farm enterprises and agribusinesses. In addition, the groups of youths will form the civil society and involve in various activities in dialoguing and managing the agrobiodiversity. A minimum of 50% of trained people will be at least women.
Awareness promotion on the indigenous local crops, their marketing and sustainable management of agrobiodiversity will be emphasized through capacity building, workshops, meetings, flyers, posters and media activities.

Will continue to use mountain partnership label (a voluntary labelling scheme jointly developed by Mountain Partnership Secretariat and Slow Food), for mountain heritage food products, this is important because there is a huge impact due to its compatibility of co-creation in sharing the important information and promoting consumer-friendly marketing initiative.

Engage in generating long-term market opportunities relating with the fair trade principles for mountain products by exploring local and national markets and prioritizing markets which appreciates the unique health, environmental and social.


Private sector

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People



Key contact

Umesh Lama, Organic World and Fair Future (OWF),


Mountain Partnership, Ecofriendly Ethical Value chain Development, Mountain Participatory Guaranty System



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