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Democratization of Digital

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Digital technologies have the power to increase inclusion and visibility in the food system, by linking farmers directly to markets, speeding their payments and their fair returns. It can improve access to information, rural advisory services, resources, finance, and equipment. For smallholder farmers, it provides the opportunity to increase yields in scalable ways, empowering them to feed their families and communities, and providing a key tool to reverse identified in the 2021 SOFI report. Digital Agriculture can also allow farming to be more nature positive, by making the most efficient use of resources and farming with precision to each ecological zone – even zones within a field. It can also help measure the potential positive impacts in the food system when using these technologies to enhance production management through tools such as near-infrared sensing to see how our soils and crops are doing.

Digitization has the potential to provide a path to empower equal opportunities for the development of productive farms across diverse groups such as indigenous, rural smallholder, or developing countries/areas, providing a path to increase yields, and links to transport, market, and capitalize networks. However, low-income farmers generally lack access to the hardware, connectivity, and digital literacy to effectively leverage this technology. To unlock all these benefits, the Food Systems Summit is a chance to democratize digital agriculture, making it more accessible for all.

  1. Call for rural infrastructure and bandwidth
  2. Increased availability of cloud computing in rural areas
  3. Digitization in Agriculture must consider subsidization at various levels
  4. Coherent rules and regulations
  5. Call for collective efforts to support data for decision making
  6. Digital inclusivity (value chain, blockchain-related)
  7. Ag Protect


Private sector

Action Area(s)

Build Resilience to Vulnerabilities, Shocks, and Stresses



Key contact

Robynne Anderson, Digital Agriculture Association


Digitalization, Democratise, Inclusion


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