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Dairy Nourishes Africa

Global Dairy Platform, Land O’Lakes Venture37 Bain & Company.

Dairy Nourishes Africa (DNA) is a public-private partnership that contributes to all five of the 2021 Food Systems Summit action tracks. DNA’s aim is to use the power of the dairy industry to address key issues affecting society. In particular; malnutrition, equitable livelihoods, empowerment for women and youth while simultaneously improving the sector’s environmental performance.

It does so by:

  • Reaching 10 million consumers through targeted marketing and behaviour change campaigns, ensuring access to safe and nutritious foods across East Africa.
  • Supporting 45,000 farmers to enhance on-farm productivity and economics.
  • Accelerating and incubating 50 leading dairy enterprises through the promotion of innovative, sustainable, and farmer-allied business models.
  • Transforming the dairy industry to catalyze long-term outcomes, including i) 40% reduction in stunting, ii) consumption of 200 litres of milk and other dairy products per person per year, iii) 5% contribution of the dairy sector to national GDP, iv) 3 million jobs created within the dairy sector and, v) net-zero emissions by enterprise partners within the dairy value chain.

DNA helps improve the health and well-being of people through access to improved nutrition through wholesome dairy products. DNA strengthens farmer-allied intermediaries/processors to reach their full potential. And DNA helps farmers grow production, enhances women’s active participation throughout the value chain, improves environmental sustainability from farm-to-fork, and increases economic opportunities.

DNA takes a market-led, systems approach where farmer-allied dairy processors are the linchpins for accelerating transformation, working to drive optimal outcomes from farms to consumers and across the operating environment. DNA is an innovative partnership that empowers consumers, farmers, and others working throughout the dairy supply chain.


Private sector

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People


Key contact


Jay Waldvogel, Global Dairy Platform





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