Commitments to action

Creating new projects for sustainable food system with food manufacture and young generation

See The Sun Inc. , Keio University

SEE THE SUN Inc. and Keio Research Institute at SFC (Kotosaka seminar) express support for FSS(Food Systems Summit) which is held to promote concrete actions for the transformation of Food Systems, for the purpose of delivering all the Sustainable Development Goals. We are committed to developing a new relationship between sustainable manufacturing and consumption by fostering consumer’s understanding of the food value chain and promoting initiatives and mechanisms that enable consumers and companies to mutually understand each other, for contributing to the development of sustainable food systems, especially for “Shift to sustainable consumption patterns”

【Commitment】 In this joint research session, students leading the next generation and food companies (including more than seven major companies) will have an opportunity to discuss about a “desirable future of food system”. Students will utilize this experience to plan and co-create at least five projects that reflect the image of future food companies constructed through discussions. Members of this project will hypothesize and demonstrate a “new relationship between consumers and companies,” and also envision and spread a “new model of circular society.”



Youth, Academic, Private sector

Action Area(s)

Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities



Key contact

Keio University, See The Sun Inc., Keio University


Relationship between consumers and companies, Collaborative research, Circular society



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