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Coalition on Indigenous Peoples´ Food Systems

Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

A coalition on indigenous peoples’ food systems can spearhead specific initiatives that:

  • recognize Indigenous Peoples´ food systems as game-changers for the world, whose contributions to sustainability and resilience can help transform other food systems;
  • advance research that engages Indigenous Peoples as experts, values Indigenous People´s values, cosmogonies, and knowledge, recognizing them as co-creators of Knowledge and creators of solutions;
  • address Indigenous Peoples’ rights, discrimination, and the systemic barriers that undermine their ability to sustain their livelihoods and food security;
  • recognize Indigenous Peoples as knowledge holders and innovators and support their economic empowerment according to their interests and needs;
  • promote Indigenous Peoples’ leadership in food systems, including showcasing success stories and sharing models of food production and processing by Indigenous Peoples;
  • include Biocentric considerations practiced by Indigenous Peoples in their food and knowledge systems in food systems transformation as well as on conservation and restoration efforts;
    • support the effective participation of Indigenous Peoples in decision-making and policy-making at the global, regional, and country levels.

Indigenous Peoples have struggled for over 80 years to achieve their space in the United Nations System. It took years of negotiation to have UNDRIP and UNPFII. Therefore, it is essential now that the UNFSS recognizes, through a coalition, “Indigenous Peoples´ Food Systems” as game-changers. A coalition on Indigenous Peoples’ Food systems will provide them with a space of their own from which to build on and make effective contributions, as we endeavor to transform the way the world produces, consumes and thinks about food.

The coalition will be led by indigenous peoples and be supported by member states and other stakeholders who join the coalition.


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Don Syme, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand


Indigenous Peoples’ food systems, Indigenous Peoples’ leadership, Indigenous Peoples’ game changers


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