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Coalition of Action on Decent Work and Living Incomes and Wages for All Food Systems Workers


The Coalition of Action on Decent Work and Living Incomes and Wages for All Food Systems Workers advances equitable livelihoods by promoting labour and human rights and increasing opportunities for decent and productive employment within the agri-food sector, including achieving 100% living incomes and wages, thereby ensuring economic and social justice and the right to adequate and nutritious food for all food systems workers.

This involves guaranteeing the effective implementation of international labour and human rights standards; improving the functioning and governance of labour markets; promoting compliance with labour legislation; empowering workers and their organisations; strengthening social dialogue and delivering decent working and living conditions, including the right to social protection for all and especially those most likely be left behind, workplace safety and health and living incomes and wages for all food systems workers. This also involves creating equitable opportunities to earn decent incomes through productive farming, fishing and pastoralism and by improving decent employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in on- and off-farm enterprises, and other related sectors of the food system; and, ensuring sustainability and resilience of incomes and jobs to adverse shocks, crisis and climate change.

Particular attention is paid to eliminating exploitation and discrimination in the workplace. In ensuring equal rights for all agri-food workers and equitable access to social rights, productive assets and decent employment opportunities in food systems, a focus is on groups of workers particularly exposed to socioeconomic vulnerability such as youth, women, Indigenous peoples, migrant workers, informal economy workers, and those marginalized on grounds of ethnicity, race, religion, and disability.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the fragility of our food systems and exacerbated the decent work deficits endured by agri-food workers in many countries. We now have the chance to rethink our traditional approaches and develop effective strategies to build back better. In this context, the Food Systems Summit presents a unique opportunity to initiate new bold commitments and action to transform the way we produce and consume food. To achieve its long-term objective, which is to ensure that food systems play a central role in building a fairer, more sustainable world and “leave no one behind”, effective action and measurable progress need to be generated towards decent work and social justice for all food system workers.



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Advance Equitable Livelihoods, Decent Work, & Empowered Communities



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Human and labour rights Employment Social protection


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