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Actions of National 3rd Agriculture and Forestry Council

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Turkey preserves its commitment to perform actions and main actions as a result of the 3rd Agriculture and Forestry Council in line with the Summit. In this context, the 3rd Agriculture and Forestry Council were established for a ‘Common Sense’ on the future of agriculture and forestry and to determine a road map on agriculture and forestry including food security and nutrition in 2019. 21 working group was established, which cover all elements of the sustainable food system and more than 30K ideas were gathered from all local and central actors such as stakeholders including academia, public and private sectors, citizens, farmers, SMEs, etc. As a result of the Council, Final Declaration (60 main points) with the concrete commitments has been announced to the public by President Recep Tayyip ERDOĞAN and in 2020, 46 main actions and 324 sub-actions was determined to perform by 2024. The Council will be renewed in 2024 and new actions and sub-actions will be renewed with broad key actors in the food system. Departments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry are responsible for fully implementing these actions and sub-actions and the results of actions and sub-actions have been monitored regularly by Director-General, Deputy Minister, and Minister since 2020. Data is being entered into a national ICT system at once every three months of period. All working groups reports, goals, strategies and actions, and other documents (in Turkish other than some English information) can be accessed via the official website of the Council, Please find attached the document including 46 main action


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Dr. Burçak YÜKSEL, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry


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