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To Reform Current Global Toxic Food Crops Agriculture to Nature Based Solution "MONIGREEN"

PRC Global Pte.Ltd

The intended green revolution for global food security, since the 1960s, was never ever green!

On the contrary, there was no favorable food security nor safe food, but become an existential security threat to humanity with catastrophic ecocide destructions.

The 1960’s “Green Revolution” was initiated by toxic chemical inputs of (NPK) ammonia nitrate, phosphate & potassium blending, with unintended consequences of destructions to our ecology and catastrophic to biodiversity. For post covid green recovery, we need to use nature-based solutions with “MONIGREEN” from Singapore. MONIGREEN, is not chemical-based nor a manufactured item. It is just as it is from nature with all the essential macro, micro & trace nutrients for soil/crops. All-natural, but MONIGREEN need to go with little manure. (All essentials are inside MONIGREEN). The essence of harvest is microbial health in soil and no chemical inputs. Our initiative is to scale up for global applications, of nature-based solutions for all food crops. As the soil is a living organism, we need to protect it from further pollution and contamination.


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Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



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Ron Tan, PRC Global Pte.Ltd
[email protected]


Nature-based solution
Toxic-free harvest
Safe food crops


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