Commitments to action

To Foster Platforms for a Food Systems Approach to Achieve One Health and Prosperity of the Producers

Bharat Krishak Samaj

At present environment, food, fibre & farmer policy is made in silos with focus on short term goals and normally a reaction to circumstances rather than long term objectives. Defining objectives & targets is easy but designing a transformation is difficult, just as getting policymakers to commit is easy but making them act on the commitments is difficult. A food systems approach is a new concept for most and very complex. We aim to leverage networks and connections among diverse stakeholders to move the agenda forward. Bring about awareness in the public and work with activists to pressurise politicians and governments to act. This will also allow for space for policymakers to act on actions which are not populist today. Designing a transformation where the accompanying pain is addressed is vital to achieve a successful transformation to a regenerative food systems.


Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People


Southeastern Asia

Key contact

Ajay Vir Jakhar, Bharat Krishak Samaj
[email protected]





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