Commitments to action

Realization of Sustainability in the Sectors of Agriculture and Food Consumption

Oisix ra Daichi Inc.

  1. Toward the realization of “Shift to Sustainable Consumption Pattern,”
    • Upstream (Farm): Via promotion of sales of upcycle food products and/or non-standard products fresh produce, and by propositioning  new values, we help advance food loss reduction at the farm.
    • Midstream (Distribution): Relative to a food loss ratio of 5% at typical retailers, we at Oisix ra Daichi have achieved 0.2% and are working
      to reduce that further to 0%.
    • Downstream (Households): By expanding sales of KitOisix, which reduces household food loss to a third, we advance food loss reduction
      at the household level.
  2. Toward the realization of “Boost Nature-Positive Production,”
    • As a pioneer in home delivery of organic food products, concomitant with our own business expansion, we advance the production/distribution expansion of organic produce.
    • As regards agricultural production, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2025 (vs. FY2020).
    • By 2025, we look to replace over 50% of all of our packaging materials with environmentally friendly materials.
  3. Toward the realization of “Ensure Access to Safe and Nutritious Food for All,”
    1. Via “WeSupport,” a platform for charitable food support, we promote the simultaneous resolution of 1) food challenges faced by low-income, often single parent, households; as well as, 2) food loss at the corporate level.


Producer organizations

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

Kohey Takashima, Oisix ra Daichi Inc.
[email protected]


Food loss
Organic Agriculture


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