Commitments to action

Protecting the Mountain Environment and Improving the Quality of Life of the People Living There (Especially Women's Health)

Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation

We are a mountaineering youth group!

We love the surroundings and surroundings of the mountains. Investors are threatening the environment and mountain life, food habits, culture, etc. in the hope of making a profit in the face of globalization.

Our purpose is to work with these:

  • Expansion of school programs in mountainous villages,
  • Cultivation of essential vegetables in the form of small blocks next to the water flowing from the mountain springs to meet the nutritional deficiencies.
  • To expand women’s health awareness activities.
  • Planting trees, meeting the demand for fruits and building animal habitats, etc …

Since we are a youth association, we have the desire, we have the time, we will try to implement it so that the life of the people here is beautiful along with the beautiful environment of the mountains.



Action Area(s)




Key contact

Youth Work with envoironment, Bangladesh Mountaineering Federation
[email protected]


School programs in mountainous villages
Cultivation of essential vegetables
Women health care



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