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Innovation for Nature-positive Production (Including Aim for Climate)

Government of Tanzania, Ministry of Agriculture,Livestock and Fisheries

The United Republic of Tanzania will continue to respond to the growing concern of the negative impacts of climate change and climate variability on the country’s social, economic, and physical environment. This will be implemented through the National Climate Change Strategy which response to the above needs by ensuring that there is more coordination and complementary between key economic sectors in implementing climate change activities. Moreover, this Strategy makes it easier for the country to benefit from global climate change mitigation and adaptation opportunities while contributing significantly to the international community efforts to address climate change.


Concretize investment in locally adaptive innovation and access to affordable technologies and digitization; ensuring equitable access to land and water use; increase Investment in infrastructures (irrigation, rural roads, fishing gears, and storage and processing); increase public-private investment in local seeds, s***n, animal breeds, and fingerlings production; expansion of access to extension services; strengthening producers skills and creativity; diversified production; diseases and paste management practices, promote precision and climate-smart agriculture.


Member state(s)

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production


United of Republic of Tanzania

Key contact

Dr.Honest Kessy, Government of Tanzania
[email protected]


Climate adaptation



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