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Healthy Diets from Sustainable Food Systems for Children and all Coalition

EAT, GAIN, WWF, CARE, Club of Rome, Consumers International, IFPRI, City-University of London,WHO, UNICEF, FAO, WFP, UNEP and the growing group of Frontrunner Member States

The shared vision of the Coalition is a world where all people are eating healthy diets from sustainable food systems. The aim is that healthy diets are available, affordable, and accessible to all, especially the most vulnerable to malnutrition and those living in vulnerable circumstances. The measurable goal is to halve the number of people who cannot afford a healthy diet while ensuring food is produced sustainably.

All stakeholders have a role to play. Many implement policies and practices that directly and indirectly influence the availability, accessibility, affordability and appeal of healthy diets, and how they are produced. Yet people, policies (including regulations, laws, standards), programmes, and practices typically focus on sector specific goals, meaning fragmentation (‘siloed working’) is the norm in efforts to deliver healthy diets rather than the coordination and co-benefits of multi-duty action on diets for both nutrition and environmental sustainability goals. A broad coalition inclusive of multiple actions is thus vital to align and strengthen actions across sectors and the different elements of food systems at all levels to achieve collective impact on healthy diets from sustainable food systems.


Member States, Academia, Civil Society, UN agencies, Other

Action Area(s)

Nourish All People


Global, National

Key contact

WHO: Lina Mahy
EAT: Lujain Alqodmani
WFP: Ilaria Schibba 
GAIN: Anouk De Vries as members of the transition Secretariat. 
Email [email protected]


Healthy diet, Sustainability, malnutrition


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