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Global Salmon Initiative Commits to Supporting Industry-Wide Improvements to Reduce Salmon Farming’s Carbon Footprint

Global Salmon Initiative

Global Salmon Initiative is a leadership effort established by global farmed salmon CEOs committed to helping feed the world in a healthier, more sustainable way through advancements in responsible salmon farming. We recognize private sector’s leadership role in sustainable aquaculture and food production, and seek to continually improve it by using a pre-competitive approach. Our model unites 21 salmon farming and supply chain partners around the world, representing 40% of the farmed salmon industry by volume. All members are committed to environmental and social improvement by identifying challenges, sharing knowledge and best practices, and accelerating the adoption of farming approaches that result in more responsibly raised farmed salmon.

In support of the UN Food Systems Summit and as a Champions Network member, GSI is committed to supporting industry-wide improvements to reduce salmon farming’s carbon footprint, including by launching a first-of-its-kind reporting framework for the farmed salmon sector and implementing industry-wide mitigation efforts.

GSI is partnering with World Wildlife Fund to develop a greenhouse gas emissions reporting framework, including life cycle analyses, for the whole production cycle of farmed salmon from feed to consumer, with the intention of it being of value to the aquaculture sector more generally. The framework will be comparable to other protein sectors. This will also enable us to provide real time data and be more farm specific, helping to hone in on areas of greatest improvement, build resilience and support implementation of less emissions-intensive means of production.

This new reporting framework, coupled with GSI’s annual Sustainability Report, will empower members to transparently measure and report on their environmental footprint and socioeconomic contributions, and continually improve progress across multiple dimensions of sustainable food systems.


Private sector

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Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



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Sophie Ryan, Global Salmon Initiative
[email protected]


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