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Food Oasis Initiative

Food Sector Systems, LLC, Food Sector Systems, LLC, Terra Sustainable Technologies, Hungry Giant Recycling

The national media in the U.S. discusses food deserts but doesn’t discuss food oases. An oasis is a flourishing area in a desert. My initiatives are intended to establish food oases to mitigate the negative health impacts of food deserts. My company Food Sector Systems, LLC is committed to ensuring the integrity of food from seeds to scraps. Food Sector Systems, LLC intends to implement CORNER FARMS, hydroponic freight farming modules, designed by Terra Sustainable Technologies. The modules will create small business opportunities that increase access to optimal food. Food Sector Systems is also committed to organic food waste dehydration technology in the food oasis. The technology will reduce the weight and volume of organic food waste that can be diverted from landfills. Finally, we will develop and implement awareness and education programs to help consumers understand food labeling. The programs will influence their behavior and understanding about managing food and reducing food waste.


Private sector

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Nourish All People


Northern America

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Food Sector Systems, LLC, Reducing food waste, Increasing food access, [email protected]


Optimal, Integrity, Efficiency



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