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Consumer Call for Action for Future Food Systems

Consumers International

Consumers International is the membership organisation for consumer groups around the world, bringing together over 200 organisations from more than 100 countries. Our members represent the consumer voice on food systems, combining expert knowledge on food policy and consumer rights with an intimate understanding of the lived experiences of people and communities worldwide. Together with our members, we have put together a series of cross-cutting calls for action based on key consumer principles, to help guide commitments made at the United Nations Food Systems Summit. These calls will cover five key areas (access to food; food safety; healthy and sustainable food environments; fair and sustainable food systems; consumer information) and will seek to go beyond merely diagnosing problems within food systems, instead offering much-needed insight into what people-centred solutions can and should look like.

Consumers can play a proactive role in driving food systems transformation, not merely by changing their purchasing patterns, but by sharing vital perspectives on the food systems challenges they face on an everyday basis, and on the innovative and game-changing solutions needed to overcome these. Consumer protection provides guidelines for all in responding to crises within food systems and beyond.


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Charlie Worthington, Consumers International
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