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Coalition on Better Data Better Decisions for Nature-Positive Production

FAO and CIFOR-ICRAF, World Economic Forum, World Resources Institute, Climate Focus, World Vision, Society for Ecological Restoration, IUCN, African Union.

Faced with a matter of years to protect, sustainably manage, and restore our landscapes that support food systems, we urgently need to make the right decisions supported by transparent, accessible, accurate, and credible data. Most importantly, better data can drive better decisions for nature-positive production when is it relevant and aligned to the needs of critical stakeholders (local, national, global) protecting, managing, restoring, and investing in landscapes. This coalition will align data, stakeholders, and evidence as a catalyst for sustainable landscapes and food systems transformation.

We will explore the conditions necessary to move from ambition to action to support sustainable landscapes and food systems transformation based on data, monitoring systems and platforms, stakeholder engagement, and evidence. We will bring together critical stakeholders across multiple scales to reflect on the monitoring data and other practice-based evidence to ensure data and monitoring systems are relevant and fit-for-purpose in driving better decisions for nature-positive production.

We will build on work taking place in many countries at different scales on data-driven approaches to protection, sustainable management and restoration and share experiences across regions and globally including governments, local actors, NGOs and the private sector.


Civil society
Private sector

Action Area(s)

Boost Nature-Based Solutions of Production



Key contact

FAO and CIFOR-ICRAF, Julian Fox and Mieke Bourne, [email protected]


Data, Stakeholders, Nature-positive production


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